3 Questions to Ask Before Your Kitchen Renovation

Kitchens are my passion! There is nothing more exciting to me than embarking on a new kitchen renovation project – but even more exciting is the look on my clients’ faces the first time they see the finished space.

A kitchen renovation can be extremely complex. Many people don’t realize the number of decisions they are going to have to make. It’s a lot more than just cabinets and paint colour!

Before we start any kitchen project, we always make sure we have everything on site and ready for when it’s needed. We will not go into someone’s home and tear out their kitchen and then hope that the cabinets show up! Everything is scheduled in advance, so that everyone knows exactly what is going to happen and when. 

Here are a few of the most important questions to be answered when planning out the timeline for your renovation project:

How (and when) will everything be removed?

It’s easy to get so caught up in choosing all the new things for your dream kitchen. But what about removing the old items and making any necessary changes or repairs before the new fixtures and finishes are installed?

Planning ahead is more than just drawings and paint samples. Having a plan for demolition and disposal is essential so that everything goes smoothly and your time without a working kitchen is as short as possible!


What is the schedule for installation?

When it comes to getting all the new items installed in your kitchen, there are typically some things that depend on other things happening first. For example, the backsplash can’t be tiled until the counter is in place. Carefully outlining the order and estimated length of time it will take for each phase of the project will save you from unnecessary delays and possible cost overruns.


Will we have all the items on time?

We won’t remove so much as a single screw from your existing kitchen before we are sure that we have made all the decisions about what is needed for the renovation. There are so many bits and pieces, such as flooring, sink, faucet, backsplash, hardware, and accessories, that it’s easy to overlook something. All it takes is one missing piece to cause a huge ripple effect in your renovation.

Kitchen renovations are a huge undertaking, but they don’t have to be stressful. As with many things in life, planning and preparation are the keys to great results.

I love kitchen renovations because they have such an impact in the way people live and feel in their homes. Over the years, I’ve seen some amazing reactions. I’ve even had people cry because they never thought they could have such a beautiful and functional kitchen in their home. It is an honour to be a part of making dream kitchens a reality for my clients.


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