5 Things You’ll Love About CPI Interiors

Deciding to work with an interior design firm is a big step for many people. It can feel scary to put your trust in someone else to turn your dream room into a reality!

With (literally) thousands of client projects completed over the past two decades, there are a few comments we’ve heard over and over again about working with our team. If you’re looking to find the perfect designer for you, here are some of the things our clients say they love about us.

We care

Your design or renovation project is so much more than just making things pretty. It’s really about improving the way you live. Even something as simple as a new paint colour has the power to completely change the way you feel about your home. Imagine the impact of a whole room makeover!

Although every client has a unique wish list, our ultimate goal is always the same: we want your space to make you smile.


We are full service

What does full service really mean? There are a lot of moving parts involved in even the simplest decorating project, let alone a large scale renovation. From measuring the space and selecting the perfect items, to ordering, follow up, and delivery, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the decisions and coordination that go into creating your dream room.

To us, full service means we look after absolutely EVERYTHING. From the first appointment to hanging the last picture perfectly, our white glove, all-inclusive service is unique – and our clients love it!


We listen

One of the most important factors in a successful decorating project is a designer that really listens to your wants, needs, and likes. Even if you’re finding it hard to describe what you want to achieve, your designer should know the questions that will help you focus.

We see the potential

When you’re living in a space day in and day out, it can be difficult to see past its current state and picture the possibilities. Often, a fresh perspective is just what’s needed to come up with the perfect solution for your design and decorating challenges.


We read minds

OK, not really. But our clients frequently say things like: “How did you do that? It’s exactly what I was picturing!”

The most successful designers can not only bring your wish list to life, they can often bring in the little extras that make the end result even better than you imagined. It may not be mind reading, but it’s pretty close!

As you can see, there’s a lot to love about the CPI Interiors team and our approach to design – but the most important thing to us is that you love your home when we’re done!


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