A Bright & Airy Bathroom




This 20 year old bathroom had long lost its appeal to the clients. The colour was heavy, the layout was outdated and confining. The challenge to get a larger shower and to open the space was dictated by two large skylights and an awkwardly placed large window.


The skylight locations did limit somewhat the location of the shower however by switching the location of the vanity with the shower it was able to be accomplished. The freestanding bathtub was limited in width by the space required for the shower. It all came together nicely. Given the location of the large window the tub was placed closer to edge of the window and camouflaged the larger space with the placement of a tall artificial tree. Also the placement for the freestanding faucet, draws the eye to it rather than noticing the window. With the removal of the bidet, provided space for the large double sink vanity. Plenty of storage with a floating tower and drawers made for efficient use of space.