A Calm & Earthy Bathroom




This client loved the size of her Master Bathroom but felt that the tub was too large and old fashioned. The tile was old with a very dated color scheme. Everything was to be replaced with a warm rich grey palette. Opening the dividing wall in the Master shower made it appear larger and be more user-friendly. the client really wanted the bathroom to look like a beautiful jewel that sparkled for her every time she walked in.


We wanted the back of the vanity walls to be a focal point so we had an arch built between the vanities to soften the wall and used metallic paint to add to the sparkle of the new chandelier. We chose to keep a simple colour palette with different tones of grey and brown so that the uniqueness of the different tile styles popped even more. We chose a custom blend of brown with grey glaze for the cabinets to add even more richness to the colour scheme. The crystal chandelier was the perfect addition to add the extra sparkle of a fine jewel.