A Comfortable Entertainment Space




These clients were looking to have an entertainment space that wows. Maintain as much brick as possible. Ceiling heights are low and balancing with ductwork to achieve a highly usable space. Requirements of bar, gym, theater and craft area along with a powder room. Lots of storage.


A bar that seats 8 and has space to be everything an upscale boutique hotel bar would have The home theater is for a few but primarily for two to four people. The raised area for theater seating provides another space for the sofa along with swivel chairs for entertaining. The glass enclosed gym distinctively keeps equipment for personal use allowing for light and another wow factor. Storage added under the stair built ins as well as custom cabinets for the bar and behind.

A Dream Room Winner!

At Decorating Den Interiors’ 38th Annual Dream Room Competition, this stunning entertainment space took 1st place! Judging was done by journalists from across Canada and the U.S. who write about interiors for publications like Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Home Accents Today, and many more! Winners were selected based on their design excellence, creative problem solving, and overall presentation.

This space was done by CPI Interiors’ Principal/Lead Design Catherine Pulcine! Catherine is no stranger to the dream room competition and has won many times before. Even with all of her experience, winning the Dream Room Competition is such an honour for Catherine, and her clients are so happy to have an award winning space!