A Comfortable Leasing Office Lounge




This is the lobby of an apartment leasing office, so it is the first-impression space for potential residents, and also a frequently-seen spot for existing residents, as many come in to pay their bill, or to ask questions throughout the month.


The main goal with this property was lightening everything up to create a fresh, inviting space for the apartment guests to enjoy. We also envisioned a dramatic, high-contrast design to ensure a strong first impression and create a desire for ownership for potential residents. To accomplish the light and airy feel, we chose a backdrop of dove grey and ivory. We actually darkened the long stone wall a little by painting it the dove grey, which actually makes it visually recede and gives the illusion of more space. We painted everything else ivory, including the massive overhead beams, so that your eye would be drawn to the interesting texture of the stone wall. We did decide to paint the rivets on
the beams black, however, which added an eye-catching detail and compliments the dark iron industrial chandelier we added over the lounge area. The lighter beams visually raise the ceiling and eliminate that heavy overhead feel entirely. We retiled the floor in travertine-inspired porcelain for ease of maintenance and durability.