A Contemporary Master Bedroom




This was the second home we had the privilege of designing for our clients. From putting off re-doing their old Master Bedroom in their old home, when they purchased this home, they knew that the Master Bedroom design was going to be at the top of their list.

This master bedroom was already designed so thoughtfully that it was “one of those spaces where it looked beautiful even with nothing in it.” Our clients wanted the room to feel like a luxury hotel. They also wanted the room to be unique, so standout pieces were a must.


With an idea in mind, we suggested doing something a little outside of the box. Instead of the all too common upholstered headboard, we suggested a shiny chrome four-poster bed. The bed was truly the starting point and from there it was about selecting items that would tone it down. We also wanted to create a focal point as you enter the room. The patterned wallpaper on the one wall helped to achieve this too – subtle but still makes just enough of a statement without taking away from the bed.

As the room started to take shape, the hunt was on for furniture and accessories to complement the bed. The homeowners and I agreed to keep the room as minimal as possible, so oversized elements were essential to fill up the space.

We mirrored the bed with oversized nightstands around 36″ wide. We loved the bonded leather with nail heads as we definitely wanted to bring in some rustic elements with that chrome contemporary bed. These elements definitely help to tone down the bed.