A Fresh & Functional Space




The client’s bathroom was dated and contained a lot of wasted space. The client craved a space that was easy to clean, provided more storage, and was a peaceful retreat.


After dissecting the space and reviewing the function needed, it was decided to replace the large double vanity with two single vanities across from each other. This would allow space for the shower at the far end of the room, creating a more open concept. By using a narrow soaker tub and placing a custom shower next to it, every inch of space was counted. Placing a large tile in a horizontal pattern tricks the eye into thinking that the room is wider than it actually is. The same tile was used on the floor, as well as a soft beige wall colour to minimize contrast, allowing the eyes to sweep over the room. The bold art above the tub gives the space some personality!

The vanities and mirrors were custom-made so that there was no wasted space. The client likes to fold her laundry in the bathroom, so the vanity was designed with a built-in laundry basket and storage tower. Drawers were added to both vanities to ease organization. Now everything has a place and her counters can be clear of clutter.