A Light Filled Ensuite




The clients were looking to update their 80’s style bathroom. They wished to create a relaxing retreat as well as increasing storage and making the room more functional. This large bathroom was very out-dated and broken into a variety of sections with a separate water closet and they did not wish to incur extra charges by moving the plumbing. The bathroom needed more light. More storage was required to create a functional, useful space.


Glass shower doors and walls have been used to open up the room. Top down, bottom up window treatments have been installed allowing consistent natural light in to brighten up the space without jeopardizing the client’s privacy. Custom cabinetry has been designed for the space with tall towers and banks of drawers, adding additional storage. Pot lights and wall sconces have been added into the space reflecting extra light, and also highlighting the beautiful custom cabinetry. Also, by taking walls down that enclosed the toilet, it allowed extra light to come in through the window in that section of the bathroom. A large freestanding tub replaced the outdated soaker tub further enhancing the spa-like theme of the room.