A Living Room Decorated in Your Personal Style!

Do you want to decorate your living room to make it a place where you and your friends and family want to be?  There are unlimited choices and colours and styles and etc., etc. Where do you start?

First of all, consider what you want to do in the living room. Will it be a quiet place for reading?  Will you entertain there?  Could it be a place to nap?  Do you need storage? Is a television going to be in your living room.  Consider the function of the space and who will be using it before planning a new layout.

Inspire yourself! It could be a photo of a room, a piece of art, a colour palette or a fabric pattern.  This will give you the inspiration to begin.  See what new pieces you need and what things you can keep to achieve your vision.

Create focal points that add interest to the space.  Visual interest can be reached with a piece of art, an architectural detail, a fireplace or a pattern.  Create a perfect balance of scale, height, colour, lighting, shapes and proportion.

Ensure that the room has space….to walk around, to give your eyes a place to rest, to feel comfortable. Cluttered spaces are hard to live in, both visually and physically.  A good traffic flow into other spaces and inside the room is important.

Make the space personal, this is your home and it should be full of memories and fun moments.  Photos and accessories such as artwork, favourite books, travel souvenirs and collection items  make your space a warm, comfortable and inviting place.

And when you are all finished, sit back, relax and enjoy! Oh and maybe invite some friends and family over to have a look.

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