A Stunning, Transitional Kitchen






This client’s kitchen was cramped with minimal counter space, limited storage, poor lighting and insufficient room for family meals. A free-standing table with counter stools was used in the kitchen for everyday meals, causing problems with circulation in the room. A movable cart, used as a pantry, blocked the main doorway between the kitchen and the dining room, further impeding the flow in the space. Appliances were outdated, outlets and lighting were inadequate and awkwardly paced, and the clients required better light control above the kitchen sink.


Transformed by the removal of a wall, this kitchen became a stunning, light-filled, transitional space. Beautifully veined granite and creamy custom cabinetry improved the cooking zone as well as storage. A rust banquette and caramel counter stools added needed hits of colour. Pot lights and a linen window shade added the gorgeous finishing touches.