A Vibrant, Transitional Bedroom




This client is a young, busy professional that had just recently moved from another city. She wanted to decorate her entire townhome so that it flowed from room to room. Fun!

Her bedroom had college quality furniture and the client was craving a fun, vibrant adult room that reflected her personality. The challenge was that we were starting from scratch and we had to be sure to do our due diligence at the first consultation in order to determine how she wanted the room to feel. We settled on casual, fun and comfortable.

She also has two very active cats, so uphostered furniture and area rugs were kept out for that reason.


During our consultation, the client told us that she liked jewel tones and contrast. She didn’t want a room that was too feminine and wanted to be sure that it would appeal to a
future boyfriend as well. Her favourite colour was a deep raspberry, so we went for it!

The black sleigh bed was chosen to ground the room and lend a masculine quality to the space. We added in some lovely rustic accents with the chevron floor mirror and the Morrocan patterned accent dresser. These items along with the relaxed natural coloured bedding created the casual comfy feel my client was looking for.

She gave us a lot of free reign with this room and we all love the results!