A Warm & Rustic Teen Bathroom




This family of four relocated and found a spacious home that had lots to offer. The problem was that it wasn’t in the style that they loved, but more of a traditional home. This bathroom was going to be for their son who was 9 years old. They planned on staying in this home for a long time, so they wanted it to be able to grow with him. The main problem was the small shower and dated flooring, with a small vanity. Given that it was a fairly large space, they wanted a vanity that would play up the space.


This client loved to tinker and create, so she was great to work with! She and her father built the vanity, and then we had to find a sink to accommodate it. A vessel sink with a unique look fit the bill. Everything about this room was understated yet unique – the mirror, the lighting and both of the field tile and the floor tile – all really spoke t the homeowners love of style. The shower was made larger than the original and a really cool tile was used that was simple yet so different from any subway tile that’s out there. The niche was accented with an equally cool complimentary tile.