Decorating with Wall Art


There are many ways to use wall art to make a statement in a room.  It can be the focal point of the space or blend in beautifully with everything else in the room.

The most important reason to have art in your home is that you love it!  It should make you happy, or calm intrigued or take you to that vacation spot you always dreamed of or just came back from…years ago.

Deciding what art should go where depends on the impression you are trying to make.

If you want the art to stand on its own and create the focal point in the room, make it be the first thing you see when you walk into the room or in a place so prominent that you can’t help but look at it.



Another way to showcase your art is to keep the rest of the room fairly neutral.  By using the art colours in small amounts throughout the room, the result is a balanced cohesive look.



Keep in mind the style of your home when choosing artwork.  The stonework and natural materials used in the room below are enhanced by the nature painting above the fireplace.



The dining room below is another great example of the artwork working with the style of the room.



Sculpture and texture in wall art add dimension to your space. The bedroom below shows how the shapes and textures of the art coordinate with each other and with the other furniture pieces in the room.  The tones of silver and the graphic patterns play off of each other.



Creating a gallery wall is a powerful way to create an impact with art.  The art below works so well together because there is a common thread throughout all the pieces.  The art colours are repeated in the many pillows on the sectional creating an even bigger statement.



There are endless ways to incorporate art into your home.  The options are almost limitless.  The most important thing to remember is that when you walk into your home at the end of a long day, it makes you happy!



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