Importance of a Floor Plan Before Buying Furniture

One of the more frequent requests we receive from potential clients is to come to help with the placement or how to fit in what has been purchased and now sits in their home overwhelming both them and their space.  

When making the decision to purchase new furniture the first place to start is to determine what the dimensions are of the space and what is intended to go in.  So many times items are bought without any thought given to whether they fit or suit the space or other furnishings.  When making decisions a tape measure is the first line of defence.

Floor plans are a crucial tool in establishing the scale and proportion that works for the room.  How many times have we seen furniture magically grow in size on the way to your house?  I recall several years ago a frantic call from a person needing help to “make this furniture fit”.  When arriving at their home I discovered literally wall to wall furniture, not an inch of floor space available between the sofa, ottoman and loveseat that went from window to wall.  On the opposite wall was an oversized chair and it abutted the ottoman, just to complete the square!  The room size was never considered when they made the purchase and the store of course would not take a return on the items.  The decision had to be what pieces could possibly remain and what to do with the other items that wouldn’t fit.  In the end they kept the sofa and ottoman, but the chair and loveseat were given to another family member.  How not to make the best furniture purchase. 

If a floor plan is done prior to making any furniture decisions, the space is measured and pieces selected to suit the dimensions of the room as well as the balance with the other items.  It is always best to measure and plan on paper rather than guessing or hoping it will fit.

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