Room Makeovers: Inside the Big Reveal

One of the most exciting and rewarding parts of my job as a designer is what we like to call “the big reveal”. It’s when we deliver, install, and set up everything for our clients so that they get to see it all at once when it’s done. But what really goes on behind the scenes before we get to unveil a brand new room for our clients?

You have probably seen dramatic room transformations on TV, where the celebrity designer is able to design, furnish, and accessorize a room in a matter of days. What you might not realize is that the process to makeover a room really starts weeks – or even months – before the big reveal.

When I first meet with a client to discuss their room makeover, we talk a lot about their vision for the space before any design work is done. Although most people can easily tell me what they like and don’t like, they often struggle to picture the end result and how everything will work together.

My solution for this is to create a full colour, three-dimensional mock up of the room as it will look when we’re done. It shows where everything will be placed and gives the client a preview of their finished room. This sneak peek is a great way to give the clients confidence in the room design, and also builds anticipation and excitement as they look forward to seeing their beautiful new room for the first time!

Here’s another little secret about our room makeovers: there is no shopping required! Clients often assume that we’ll go shopping together to choose all the things for their room design. But since I have an extensive range of products and styles available to me through our LIVV Home Collection, I can choose the perfect combination of items and customize them to suit their space, aesthetic, and lifestyle. I then bring everything to my clients so we can see how the colours and fabrics work together in the comfort of their own home.

Once the client has approved the design, there’s nothing left for them to do until the big day. All the logistics for measuring, ordering, tracking, and scheduling are 100% handled by our team. The only thing our clients have to do is count down the days until everything is ready.

Finally, delivery day arrives! Most times, the clients are so excited for the big reveal that they steer clear while we bring everything into its place. They want to have the “wow” moment and for us, that’s why we do what we do – to get the wow.

Our “big reveals” are so much fun for me and for my clients! We’re always looking for rooms to make over…could yours be next?

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