Kitchen & Bathroom 2016 Trends

The Toronto Design Show 2016 also unveiled the 2016 design trends for kitchens and bathrooms and below are some of the highlights.

White kitchen cabinets have been in vogue for a while and will continue into 2016.  Along with white cabinets, grey and black cabinets are becoming popular or a combination of these cabinet colours in the same kitchen.


The trend of lighter wood tones in furniture design has also moved into the kitchen.


Marble and marble look quartz is also on the rise.  The care required for marble in contrast to quartz is a major consideration when deciding which is better for your space.

The mixing of different materials and metals in the same room will also be seen more in 2016.

Decorating Den Interior Design

Along with smart appliances and designated spots in a kitchen for smart devices, functional design and custom storage is becoming even more important to the homeowner.

West Orange Residence

Textures and patterns in tile have become more graphic.  Hexagon tiles, textured tiles and cement tiles were showcased at the show.  Subway tiles will continue to be classic but a new take on an old favourite is a textured subway tile.

Lastly, a few more trends that are being highlighted for 2016 are open shelving, pull out shelves, over sized statement lighting and satin finish brass metal finishes.

There is much to consider when renovating kitchens and bathrooms.  I would love to work with you to create a customized functional space that you will love for many years to come.

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