A Light & Airy Family Room




These clients contacted us to inform us that their new house was almost complete and that they wanted my help in making it feel more like a home. Since we were not using any of the client’s current furniture, we started with a blank canvas. We had only a few weeks before their closing to be able to complete our design presentation. The living room was just 1 of 6 rooms we were completing. These clients are young professionals that wanted a space to reflect them. They wanted an open airy feel to their home and expressed a love for greys and teals. It was not an option at this point to change the colours of the walls in the living room, and therefore, the light colour remained. This was an exciting experience of firsts for my clients: their first home, and first time working with a designer.


These clients were ecstatic about moving into their new home that it was fun working with a blank space to create their new living room. Since we were keeping the walls a light colour, including the light colour stone, we knew it was important to really add the pop of colour in the seating area. Our main inspiration was the fabric we used on the back of the accent chairs, around which we created the rest of the colour pallet. The accent chairs are located with their backs facing the entry into the living room. We kept with the neutral colour in the sofa but added colour to the two other chairs that are located opposite of the accent chairs. The key for this room is that you see the four chairs with colour the instant you enter the room. We used an open transitional pattern on the ottoman with a touch of teal. We also used a large area rug in the neutral colour with a large modern design which serves to pull guests into the room. We selected an embroidered pattern with an ivory background and warm greys for the window treatments. The lighter background keeps the windows and area feeling light while keeping the furniture area the focal point. The artwork selected adds a mix of the colours with a little more green to compliment the green of the accent chair fabric. The final addition of accessories in the blue-green and purple put the last finishing touches on pulling the colours.