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Emily Hill
Business & Marketing Manager


Emily Hill is a seasoned professional in the world of business and marketing. Armed with a diploma in Business Management and Entrepreneurship, Emily brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her role.

Her journey to this position has been marked by a commitment to expanding her expertise in marketing and project management. After three fruitful years at CPI earlier in her career, Emily ventured to broaden her horizons and refine her skills. This endeavour, combined with her educational background, has equipped her with a versatile skill set and a holistic perspective that she is eager to apply at CPI Interiors.

Emily’s decision to return to CPI Interiors was guided by a profound alignment with the company’s core values, its visionary outlook, and its unwavering dedication to its clients. She has always felt a strong connection with the innovative and collaborative spirit that defines CPI, making her return feel like a true homecoming.

Emily is delighted to be back working with the remarkable team at CPI Interiors, where her passion for business and marketing can flourish in an environment that shares her dedication to excellence and client satisfaction. Her enthusiasm and expertise make her a valuable asset to the company and a driving force behind its continued success.

To contact Emily, you can reach her at 613-599-5564 ext. 228 or email her at






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