Meet Natalie

Natalie Cox - Interior Design Consultant

Natalie loves saving her clients time, money and stress by offering a full range of design services for both new and existing residences. She is known for her customized floor plans, and for helping clients make the most of their space. She specializes in designing homes that flow from room to room.

Creating harmony and balance is one of numerous skills that Natalie acquired during her earlier career as a graphic designer. Her design clients today benefit from her excellent attention to detail, project management and customer service.

Natalie can be reached at 613-599-5564 x 231 or by email at You can read her blog and follow her on social media. 

From Melany Goodhue:

I want to tell you about an incredible experience I had with Natalie Cox – CPI Interiors. We decided to leave our old home fully furnished when we made it a rental, and I was faced with a daunting task of designing and furnishing a whole house. I’m a numbers girl – I’m trying to find my creative side, but it’s definitely a work in process. My number-crunching brain was weary about paying a bunch of money to hire a professional, so I started to try to do it myself – what a complete flop! I was picking things and running them by her, and realizing most things I was picking were completely the wrong size and a lot of the colours/patterns/furniture types were just not meshing. I took the plunge – and I can never go back! We had a quick consultation, she knew very quickly what I was going for and my style, and the rest was her job. She came back to me within a few weeks with a whole Powerpoint presentation with 3-D renderings of each room so I could see EXACTLY how each piece looked in the rooms and how it all came together to make the perfect cozy/chic spaces I envisioned. She knocked it out of the park – everything was perfect, and within 6 weeks I had white glove service when her team showed up with all my furniture assembled, hung drapes, set up all the furniture in the different rooms exactly how it was planned and BAM! We had our perfectly decorated spaces in a matter of an hour. We didn’t lift a finger. Natalie was a DREAM to work with – we get compliments every time we have visitors and I’m always so excited to tell them how amazing it was to work with her. We saved so much money in the end by not taking time of our work days to shop for a million hours, and then returning and exchanging a bunch of stuff that didn’t work, and waiting for new stuff. If you or someone you know is looking for a facelift for their house or office space, you must reach out to Natalie Cox. You will be so glad you did! She does everything from just furniture and decor, to full on bathroom and kitchen renos. Thanks Nat!!

From Carey MacKinnon:

Working with Natalie on our basement and mudroom redesign was such a relief. She helped us to plan our space and made the process so much easier. She presented options but didn’t overwhelm us which made decision making so much easier for me. We are so happy with the process and the finished product. We will enjoy our spaces for years to come!

Thank you, Natalie!

From Hannah Ellacott:

It was a delight working with Natalie in selecting window coverings for my new addition. I liked the convenience of having a designer come to my house, at a time of my choosing, and help me in the selection of the blinds. I appreciated that whenever Natalie was scheduled to come to my home, she always arrived on time. Before Natalie arrived I had an idea of what I wanted, but she convinced me that the style and colour would not suit the room.  After a few quick questions about what was important to me, for example, light control, energy efficiency, privacy, and colour, Natalie narrowed down the choices so that it was easy for me to quickly make a decision.  I also decided to include the Power Motorization option.  When the blinds were installed I was pleasantly pleased at what a difference it made to the feel of the room – both during the day and at night.  I absolutely love the blinds and the PowerView system.  I would not hesitate in recommending Natalie and Decorating Den Interiors to my friends and family.

I will let you know when I am ready to tackle the next project – the basement renovation.

From Saye Clement:

We had a very good experience working with Natalie.  We moved into our brand new condo and had to tackle a large number of jobs all at once.  Natalie helped us to choose paint colours for our bland white walls (always keeping the personal preferences of our family members in mind), installed window coverings and helped us with furniture and art placement.  She was very understanding of emotional attachments to some of our furniture and helped us to create a cohesive and comfortable look for the condo.  Thank you very much!  We love our new condo, and now that it’s been personalized for us, it feels like home.

From Brigitte Dionne:

Working with Natalie made the design and implementation process seamless and easy. We had a vision of what we wanted and she was able to take our vision and make it happen. She listened to us, grasped what we wanted and brought back a finished product that we are very happy with, no doubt saving us a lot of headaches and time. One of the best parts of the process was that we felt that we were part of the design process and that she didn’t try to impose her vision/tastes on us. Rather, she took our vision and helped us by suggesting ideas that would enhance and make our vision better. Most of all the finished work is very professional. They did an amazing job with the pattern matching on the valance! We certainly would recommend her to our friends!

From Nancy and Barry Campbell:

We engaged the Decorating Den to assist with choosing blinds for our kitchen and family room after completing a kitchen renovation.  Natalie was our consultant and she was very helpful.  She asked questions to help determine what we wanted, since we didn’t really know what options there were and what would look best.  She gave us some great suggestions based on the budget we decided on, and was extremely flexible when we called a few days later to change our budget.  She brought a great selection of fabrics and ideas for our windows, and we came in  under our budget, which was perfect!

The installation went perfectly, and Natalie continued to follow up with us through the design and installation to ensure we were happy with our choices.  I would highly recommend Natalie for any interior design selections, she really knows her stuff and went above and beyond to ensure we were satisfied!

From Wanda Ross:

Sometimes we try and force ourselves out of our comfort zone when really it’s not the required action. I needed somebody to either confirm my deep seeded colour choices or I needed desperate help to move me out of my comfort zone‎: Natalie was ready for challenge either way!  I appreciated the fact that Natalie listened to me and the environment I was wanting to create. In the end, she confirmed for me that if you are drawn to certain colours and they stir an emotion in you that you want to continue to embrace, then there is no need to change for the sake of change.  I love my colour palette! Thank you Natalie for circling me back to my own grounding colours!

From Deborah Robinson:

We are extremely pleased with the service we received from the staff at Decorating Den. Our experience from the initial consultation to the final installation of our drapery was very positive. Natalie is a gem. She is confident, enthusiastic and resourceful.  It did not take her long to understand the vision we have for our new home and to come up with excellent decorating solutions to achieve that vision.

From Carol Brown:

I had the pleasure of working with Natalie in designing the layout for my new apartment. I am moving from a 4 bedroom house to a 1 bedroom apartment. Natalie came to my home and incorporated my lifestyle in her design. The furniture she chose maximizes storage space which you can imagine is very limited. When I move, she is going to hang my art work in a gallery style which I am very excited about. Natalie is kind and patient. She came when the furniture was delivered and ensured that every item was perfect.

From Kathleen Layne:

Choosing new paint colours can be daunting.  In our experience a colour that looks great on a paint swatch often appears completely different (and usually awful) when painted on the wall. We had a wonderful experience with Natalie’s guidance – all new colours for the main floor of our home that work great with our furniture and flooring.   She also chose custom draperies for the dining room that complemented the new colours and fit with our style.  And when there was an unexpected mix up in the drapery fabric, Natalie was quick to resolve the problem to our complete satisfaction.  Working with Natalie was a terrific experience – she is a consummate professional.