Professional Nursery Decorator

When you’re preparing to welcome a new baby into your family, there are a lot of tough decisions you will have to make. Designing the nursery is one of them. After all, you’ll be spending a lot of time in the baby’s room, from feedings and changings to pleading with the little one to go to sleep. With so much time spent in this room, the design of the room will impact both your mood and the baby’s. From the theme and color scheme to the floor and window coverings, all parts of the nursery must come together to make the perfect room for baby. Achieve that perfect look with the help of an expert nursery decorator.

In-Home Design Consultation

Call today to schedule your complimentary in-home design consultation. Together we will tour your home and discuss your design ideas for your baby’s room. We will work with you to determine a budget that accomplishes your decorating goals.

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