A Stunning & Functional Dining Room




This client was moving into a new home and chose not to bring any of her existing furniture with her. For her new home, she wanted to stay traditional but with a more light and airy feel utilizing blues. She was such a fun and easy going client to work with, and because she really did not know what she wanted the space to look like, she left it up to the professionals.

The dining room is a small space off the kitchen. We wanted a really pretty place to relax in the mornings with a cup of coffee. Additionally, the client needed some extra storage space and had only enough space for a group of 4 individuals to sit down for a meal.


The walls are painted in the same beige, grey paint as the kitchen. We really wanted to bring in the colour through the chair and window treatment fabrics. We used a cream finish for both the table and the console while adding richness and contrast with a brown finish to the chair legs and table top. We selected a blue fabric for the upholstered chairs to bring colour into the space. As this client loves to garden, we selected an updated floral fabric for the stationary panels and added a floral collage to the main wall in the space. The chandelier added a touch of elegance with its crystal and chrome finish to make this a room that functions for both everyday use and as a formal dining space. Who wouldn’t want their cup of coffee or celebratory dinner in this space? Even small spaces can be turned into something special.