The Brightest of Kitchens






When first meeting with the clients, they were purchasing the home from her parents and wanted to bring the kitchen into the 21st. Century. It was a closed in space with little sunlight and no views to the back of the house.  They enjoy entertaining and cooking. They had started to do some of the work themselves only to discover they didn’t really know how to make things come together. Lighting was poor and spaces awkward. The space needed to be functional however have a more minimalist finished look.


The inspiration for the kitchen was a small painting that had the charcoal, orange, white and lime green painted by the client.  She loved it and was thrilled that it was inspiring me. It sits on a shelf now.

First, opening up of the kitchen wall provided for a greater counter area with access to the main living spaces and views of the backyard and gardens.  The bright orange counter stools, with lime green walls were a contrast to the white cabinets and concrete look quartz countertops. The introduction of the LED pot lights enveloped the whole kitchen in light.  The large window over the sink allowed for light to travel to the whole of the living area. We used solar shades to allow for visual opening while cutting the glare. Utilizing open shelving at the front of the kitchen to each side of the window provided for the minimalist look while still maintaining functionality.