A Transitional & Inviting Entryway




This client moved due to a job transfer. While their home size doubled in the move may be seen as a challenge, it was not a challenge at all. In the end, we had to fill the home with new furnishings since they brought very little with them from their original home.

The challenge with this foyer was the high ceilings. Our client wanted a space that was comfortable and welcoming without feeling too large. She wanted to use the existing chairs that she brought with her move. She wanted to use jewel tones in emerald green and deep blue. We wanted this entry to be a space to welcome folks for an entertaining evening.


The foyer was spacious enough to reuse two of the chairs that the client brought with them in their move. We created a seating space with the two chairs and a console in front of the large high wall that greets visitors as they enter the room. We used a large mirror above the console to not only reflect in natural light but to also reflect back the staircase. Since the foyer was fairly dark, we painted the walls in a medium tone grey to prevent the room from becoming dark. We added jewel tones in the entry through the addition of artwork, the area rug, and reupholstered chairs. Additionally, to keep the room lighter, we decided to paint the chairs in an off-white lacquer and re-upholstered them in fabrics with navy and emerald green. The large design on the inside back of the chairs gave a pop of colour and design to the room. We continued to add contrast with a deep blue round area rug with a large design. The added botanical artwork with the white mats and silver frames add even more contrast to the room but keep it feeling light. We utilized a large piece of artwork on the staircase landing, which can be seen from the mirror by the make-shift seating space or by standing in the room. This foyer sets the viewer up for the beauty in the other areas of the home.