A Vibrant Teen Bedroom




This space was originally underutilized storage room above the garage. With a young teen daughter quickly outgrowing her bedroom, this had the potential to be the perfect place to give her a space of her own. However, it was a long and narrow space with no actual storage, builder basic colour palette, hardly any lighting and inadequate ventilation and airflow for warm summer months. She wanted a fun place where she could relax in style and be proud to invite her friends over.


Different zones were created within the space to break up the length of the room while maintaining comfort and functionality: the bed area, sitting area, closet and workstation. The colour palette is a combination of the teen’s favourite colours – orange, aqua and lime, with the addition of soft grey and ivory for a timeless quality that can grow with her. Storage was a factory in many of the design decisions. Along with he built in bed, storage is provided by the bright orange chest and ottoman.