A Warm Living Room for Entertaining




The large outdated wood burning fireplace with a large hearth took up a lot of floor space and didn’t allow for good seating or window treatments. The need to seat at least 10 comfortably and to allow for a sofa to lie on to watch TV was requested. Also, the proximity to the TV had to also allow for watching from the kitchen as well. The wall dividing the kitchen eating area from the living area needed to be removed to provide for greater space for an island.


The old wood burning fireplace with the large hearth was removed and replaced with a contemporary gas fireplace with sleek stone and no hearth. Opening up the floor space allowed for more seating and access. SHeer draperies gave coverage while allowing light and some sight lines to the gardens. Given the TV viewing was required for both kitchen and living areas, a raised bracket mounted the TV and could be adjusted accordingly. The sofa was long enough to allow for someone to lie on while the accent chairs fit nicely for seating. The addition of counter stools at the island provided for seating for another 6 people.