A Warm & Welcoming Living Room




Our client had lived in her very first home for well over six years but she never was able to achieve that “home” feeling. She wanted to create a masterpiece and doing it right the first time was very important to her. When we initially met there were still plastic covers on her dining room chairs as she was undecided if she was going to keep them or not.  After six years with a big wish list, she decided to get some professional help. Her ultimate goal was to have her very first home feel comfortable, elegant and timeless.


We began to create a space that would reflect exactly what she wanted to achieve. By suggesting custom upholstered furniture in luxurious neutral fabrics would give a great starting point for the design. A custom sofa and custom studded slipper chairs provided comfortable seating and two custom ottomans added additional seating, without taking up too much space. Custom drapery panels highlight the high ceilings and frame the view, in addition to softening the “hard” shutter look. We continued the circular pattern in the drapery and tables in the artwork used to accent her space and make it feel more complete. The client’s first words when we revealed her space to her was…”You’ve finally made my space feel like my home, a space that truly speaks to me – I couldn’t be more thankful!”