What a difference an area rug makes!


There are so many reasons why an area rug is a necessary part of decorating your home.  As there are so many to chose from, it is important to consider which will work best for your space.


Area rugs are a great addition to any room and can add visual interest and create a focal point while also showcasing your tastes and sense of style.  It can be a design and colour that your eye is drawn to or it can blend in with everything else in the room. Area rugs can be the one thing that you purchase that can immediately update your current furniture or provide the jump off point for a whole new room design.



Using more than one area rug in an open concept space can define separate areas. Further, define the zones by placing different rugs in the large space.  Just remember to maintain harmony by using similar tones and styles.

Another benefit of using area rugs is that they help absorb sound.  This is important in a large space where sound can bounce against hard surfaces.



When placing an area rug in a dining room, ensure the size allows for the chairs to stay on the rug.   A rough guideline is that the rug should be approximately 24″ larger than the size of your table so that when you pull out the chairs, they stay on the rug.



Using an area rug in a bedroom is a wonderful way to make the space warm and cozy.  Place the rug so that when you step off the bed, your feet are on the rug.  This can be achieved with one large area rug or two smaller ones on each side of the bed.

Rugs are a wonderful way of dressing up your home creating interest and adding texture. They come in many shapes, styles, colours and styles.  To create a wow factor, consider a stunning new area rug.


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