Your Home is Unique to YOU


Undertaking a decorating project can be daunting. If you keep in mind the following advice throughout the process, you will be so pleased with the final result.

Your home is unique to you. What looks amazing in a magazine photo won’t necessarily suit your home or be functional and work with your needs.  Use magazines to inspire ideas but don’t be too focused on the latest design trend.  Create a beautiful space that reflects your taste and style. Accessories are the best way to speak to the trends as they can be easily changed.


Opt for the best quality than you can afford.  Especially for the pieces that you want to last the longest.  Leaving quality behind for a “sale or discount” price can end up costing more long term if you need to replace it more often.

Measure your potential furniture purchases!  And make sure the furniture fits into the room along with everything else that is staying and that there is still the ability to walk comfortably around.  

Select the perfect size area rug for the room.  Too small-it looks like a mat and too large-it will take over the room.  An area rug is the purchase that brings everything in your room together.  It speaks to the style of the space, the colours of the room and grounds the room.



Invest in good lighting.  Multiple layers of light create visual interest, allow tasks to be accomplished and create ambiance.

Correct placement and choice of artwork is important.  It should not be hung too high and it is important to relate to the overall design of the room.



Finally, the colour of the paint on the wall is the last decision to be made.  You will always be able to find the exact colour that you need to make the space perfect.

There are many decisions to make when designing a space.  Consider capitalizing on the expertise of a professional.


Until next time!


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