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Press Release - CPI Interiors Announces New Owners

July 2023

CPI Interiors is pleased to announce that Catherine and Jerome Pulcine have successfully sold the business to two of their long-standing team members, Natalie Cox and Megan Patterson. 

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Elle Decor - Designer Approved Tips to Make the Most of High Ceilings

April 2023

Marina Pavlova, Interior Design Consultant at CPI Interiors had her project featured in Elle Decor on an article providing tips on how to make the most of high ceilings in your home.

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Our Homes Ottawa - An Award-Winning Design

October 2022

Homeowner Maureen Graham fondly remembers her first meeting with designer Catherine Pulcine of CPI Interiors. “She came to my home and we just clicked,” Maureen says. Many years and many, many design projects later, their relationship has grown to one of mutual respect and admiration…

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House Beautiful - 7 Designer-Approved Ways to Refresh Your Kitchen

August 2022

Catherine Pulcine, Senior Designer at CPI Interiors had her kitchen project featured in House Beautiful on an article discussing 7 designer approved ways to refresh your kitchen.

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Our Homes Ottawa - A Place for Everything

May 2020

Catherine Pulcine of CPI Interiors has helped countless clients downsize over the past 22 years. Storage is the number one priority for the Pulcines, so they created it wherever there was an opportunity…

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Ottawa Citizen - Create a smart student study space for your home

August 2018

CPI Interiors’ very own, Catherine Pulcine, was featured in this Ottawa Citizen article providing tips on creating a smart study space in your home.

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Ottawa Citizen - It's back: Black is the new, well, black

May 2018

CPI Interiors’ own Natalie Cox was featured in this Ottawa Citizen article for her award winning bathroom. Sometimes, small touches make all the difference. A black tub in an otherwise white bathroom or black bath fixtures against white tile create a classic, yet modern, look…

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DDI Conference - Natalie Cox brings home two awards from the Decorating Den Interiors Awards Gala

May 2018

CPI Interiors’ Natalie Cox received two awards at the annual Decorating Den Interiors Awards Gala that was held in Orlando, Floriday in May of 2018. Natalie was given the Prism award for excellence in sales and she was also name Canadian Decorator of the Year for the 3rd consecutive year.

Our Homes Ottawa - The House Whisperer

December 2016

Senior designer of CPI Interiors, Catherine Pulcine, has improved the living space of homes from one end of Ottawa to the other, making her one of Ottawa’s premiere designers in solving decorating dilemmas…

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Ottawa Citizen - Jeff Hunt's room with a view at TD Place

September 2016

It’s only fitting that Jeff Hunt’s personal “suite” at TD Place is also his home. It’s a perk that, as far as he knows, no one else in sports can boast about. It was furnished with the help of Catherine Pulcine of CPI Interiors, and she says the goal was to maintain an uncluttered feel while making it entertainment-friendly and comfortable…

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Ottawa at Home - A Fresh Start

March 2016

Working with an empty space to transform it into a functional and eye-pleasing room might sound like a decorator’s dream. But there are always challenges, as Catherine Pulcine, who is the principal designer of CPI Interiors, discovered…

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