A Clean & Spacious Bathroom




This was a well-sized master bathroom that did not make the best use of its space. The large, triangular-shaped soaking tub used too much water and was uncomfortable. There was also a half wall between the toilet and the tub that cut off the room. The shower frame had unattractive supports.


The odd-shaped tub was replaced with a free-standing, contemporary oval-shaped soaking tub, which is more comfortable and practical. A shelf was built behind the tub to provide a landing surface. The half wall was removed between the toilet and tub to open up the room. The entire bathing area was tiled from floor to ceiling with vertical accent tile in the shower, with a frameless shower door to further open the space. This resulted in a clean look and spacious feel when entering the room. New cabinets, granite countertops, and LED lighting completed the room design.