Artwork Inspiration

How the use of artwork inspires, helps create and execute a design.

Dining room - colour scheme pulled from artwork


Artwork is often used as a jumping off point when creating a new design. Starting with a piece of art allows you to draw colours, patterns and/ or textures to create an interesting and cohesive look.

Accent Pillows pulled from artwork

Art can be used to select colours for your accessories. Using small pops of colour pulled from your artwork allows the art to remain the focal point while still being fluid with the rest of the design.


It can also inspire the overall colour scheme. Choosing artwork with a clear colour scheme gives you the ability to draw the same colours and tones into the space, giving the design one consistent scheme.


Mimicking the lines and shapes found in artwork can help inspire your furnishing selections. Using similar curves to what is seen in the artwork gives the design a pleasing appeal.



If you have a piece of art you love and are looking to create a design around it, let us at CPI Interiors help you!

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