Designing Your Ideal Home Office

If you’re like many of our clients, a home office has moved up on the priority list over the last few months. For some, working from home has become more than a temporary situation, which could mean some upgrades to their work environment are in order.

These days, technology makes it possible to establish a workspace anywhere in your house. That said, if you’ve set up shop in a dark basement or a corner of your bedroom, you might not be projecting the most professional image. That unmade bed in the background of your video call is sending the wrong message!

The right design touches can go a long way towards making your workspace more pleasant and productive. Here are a few important things to consider when setting up your home office.

First, give some thought to your space requirements. Do you need room to spread out while you work? A room with a door to minimize noise? Is natural light important to your mood and energy?

Keep in mind that the best spot for you to work might not be the most obvious. Think outside the box and consider all the options. Maybe you have a guest room that sits unused most of the time. Why not convert it to an office, and install a wall bed for the odd time you need to host an overnight visitor.

Once you’ve established where you’ll be working, observe the lighting at different times during your work day. If you’ve got too much of a good thing, custom window treatments are a great way to control glare. Harsh overhead lighting can cause eye strain and headaches. A beautiful desk lamp can go a long way to adding warmth and ambience while casting light on your work.

Next up, furniture. The options for desks and chairs are endless! Standing desks are increasingly popular and can be a great option if you find that you need a break from sitting all day.

Whatever you do, don’t skimp on storage. A cluttered workspace can make it hard to focus. I always say the key to staying organized is to ensure that there is a place for everything!

Style-wise, mid century modern, eclectic, and rustic are all extremely popular looks right now. Regardless of your style, I encourage investing in the best quality you can afford to ensure maximum durability and comfort.

Now for the fun part! Your office should reflect your personality and complement the rest of your home. Use paint, wall decor, and accessories to bring your own unique flair to the space. Pro tip: if you spend a lot of time on video calls, be sure that whatever is behind you is aesthetically pleasing and professional.

Feeling inspired to step up your home office game? We can help with everything from floor plans and furniture selection to finishing touches. Let’s work together to design your ideal work space!


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