A Cosmopolitan Look in The Kitchen






After discussing the look, atmosphere and vibe they wanted, it was determined that the operative word for the condo was “cosmopolitan”. This condo, with its million dollar view of one of the great lakes, definitely did not have a cosmopolitan feel. It looked like it belonged in the suburbs – a very attractive, well-built space, but an overabundance of cherry wood and traditional elements were ill-placed in this luxury condo.

The kitchen, living and dining rooms were all one large space, so it was important that they flow well. The kitchen had dark cherry cabinets, granite countertops and basic lighting. Light maple floors kept the condo further away from the uptown look that the client wanted.


The kitchen cabinets were removed and donated, and white custom cabinets replaced them. The clients are extremely easy going but very particular. They really wanted a breakfast bar at the island. They were told that a two-tiered island was a dated look, so another solution was designed – a marble island with waterfall, and a raised wooden bar/tier, held up by stainless posts. They loved the idea as elegance was extremely important to both of them.

An icicle pendant was a coordinate to the pendant over the dining table, and a large oval chandelier with antiqued glass hung over the island. The upper cabinets were framed in glass and lit, and matte white vases and vessels were chosen as the accent pieces. Barstools upholstered in velvet offered elegant seating.