A Lovely Master Bedroom Retreat




This bedroom needed some attention as it was a catch all for furniture for quite some time. They hadn’t taken the time to personalize the room and make it a retreat.

By asking this client lots of questions, we concluded that what they wanted was a place to call their own and relax in the evening.


A bench at the end of the bed is the perfect height for their small dog to use as a step to join them in bed. The window treatments were updated with the use of stationery side panels and functioning blinds. We added storage with a built-in closet solution across from the bed that also contains their television for late night viewing. Everything combined made for a lovely retreat.

This hotel like bedroom was inspired by the pink flowers in the client’s artwork. The upholstered king sized bed, marble toped nightstands and luxurious bedding create the perfect backdrop for unwinding after a busy day.