A Stunning & Peaceful Master Bedroom




This sweet couple had introduced their first child into their family about a year ago and poured all their love into their baby girls room and the result was that their Master Bedroom was put on the back burner. With a lack of time and unsureness of what to do with this big space, they called for help. This room really just needed some finishing touches and to be filled with some love and attention to create a space that they loved.


This Master Bedroom was huge and so it was important to incorporate a few other pieces of furniture. Using light tones of fabric throughout, we wanted to create a very light and airy feeling throughout their space. We customized a bench to make it bigger in depth so that it was almost like an ottoman at the end of the bed as well as incorporating a reading area in the corner. We flanked the window with two beautiful side panels as well as incorporated light bedding with some pops of green hues. The finishing light geometric wallcovering tied everything together into a space that this couple absolutely adores.