A Welcoming New Home Sales Office




This upscale new home sales office was one of the floorplans for sale; this floorplan was not selling because prospective buyers were having a hard time envisioning furniture in this living room’s “small” space. The Living room of the sales office area was left unfurnished so prospective buyers could walk up to floorplans that were displayed on walls. But having the living room empty, the sales office looked and felt incomplete. The Builder did not want the furniture or design to look like an afterthought, so the mission was to make sure my selections worked with existing rooms. We needed to make the room look and feel professional but at the same time feel warm and inviting like a home.


We chose small scaled furniture to fit the space properly that had a neutral connotation to blend in as opposed to popping out. Prospective buyers can still easily walk up to the floorplans and read them. The area rug was a polyester shag rug in grey and taupe that looked fun but could easily hide the dirt that might be tracked in.