An Elegant & Transitional Leasing Office




This is the lounge and lobby of an apartment leasing office, so it is the first-impression space for potential residents, and also a frequently-seen spot for existing residents, as many come in to pay their bill, or to ask questions throughout the month.


The residents at this property are primarily retired, so the primary goal was to create a traditional and elegant space for them to enjoy, but with a few transitional elements mixed in to ensure an updated look. We decided to lighten the entire room by painting everything shades of pale grey and white, including the wood beams. We used stacked stone on the fireplace in these same shades, but it also included bits of soft gold, so we utilized that as the accent colour throughout. A porcelain tile in a grey, marbled pattern makes the room feel huge, while the extra-large dove-grey area rug, highlighted with light touches of the buttery yellow, create softness underfoot and help with echo in the cavernous space. I also divided the room into three zones: the lobby, with chairs for waiting guests; the leasing/meeting area, with a table and chairs; and the lounge, for residents to relax with a cup of coffee when they want some company.