A Cozy & Elegant Home Office




Since this client was not bringing anything with her for the new home, we had a blank canvas on which to work and bring her style to life. Her former home was completed in a traditional style with dark woods, reds and golds. For her new home, she wanted to stay traditional but with a more light and airy feel utilizing blues. She was such a fun and easy going client to work with, and because she really did not know what she wanted the space to look like, she left it up to the professionals.

The study is a space that will be used for simple everyday activities. Since our homeowner is retired, she did not have a lot of items that needed storage.



For this space, we decided to paint the walls in a blue tone that was greyed down so it would not be too dark for the room. This is a small space but it is flooded with natural light with the windows. Of the few items this client was bringing with her was a Waterford chandelier that she had had for years. Once we saw a picture of the chandlier, we knew the study would be the perfect place for it. Since it is a smaller space and storage was not a necessity, we opted to use a writing desk. The silverleaf finish on the writing desk adds a touch of elegance to the room while also reflecting light in the room. The desk chair has a fun fabric with blues and golds, with an accent chair in grey linen fabric to finish the area. We added contrast to the room with a darker finish on the shelving unit and there we displayed all her family pictures and accessories. We anchored the desk area with a vintage-look area rug in a fun pattern. This space is a great place to not only work, but to gaze outside, letting your mind wander and daydream. The space may be small, but now it is both functional and gorgeous.