A Mid-Century Modern Inspired Bedroom




One of the issues facing the space was its south-eastern exposure, which flooded the room with abundant morning light. The room had low ceilings, poor overhead lighting, inexpensive faux wood blinds, tired carpeting and the walls were painted in a dark grey, which made the room seem smaller. The real challenge was to transform this run of the mill, plain bedroom, into a room reminiscent of the Mid Century Modern era, which was the style this teenager had selected for the theme of his room. The inspiration for the room came from an original Mid Century Modern chair he inherited from his grandfather. The only design request was that a plaid fabric be incorporated into the design, since both, grandfather and grandson, had a love for plaid.


To address the issue with the sunlight coming into the room, woven roman shades, with a blackout lining, were chosen. A decorative striped tape was added as trim, to enhance the beauty of the shades. For the walls, a soft beige colour made the room seem brighter and larger. A pale grey paint was applied to the ceiling, in order to create defined and crisp edges between the walls, moulding and ceiling. A Mid Century Modern inspired semi-flushed light fixture was installed, showcasing six elongated Edison bulbs. Two table lamps, also reminiscent of this era, where utilized to provide additional task lighting for the nightstand and the desk. The design of the room was inspired by the original Mid Century Modern chair inherited by the teenager from his grandfather.
As requested, a beautiful plaid fabric, in hues of blues, navy and camel, was incorporated into the design. The plaid was utilized for the bedskirt, the outer portion of the wings of the upholstered headboard, and to reupholster the main element of the room, the grandfather’s chair.