A Sleek & Sophisticated Family Room




Our homeowner wanted a sleek, sophisticated, stylish family room with a neutral colour palette and pops of colour. She had recently moved from a much larger home to pursue condo living. The new space has beautiful scenery but the rooms are much smaller than what she was accustomed to.


To open up the space and give it the illusion of feeling and appearing to be larger, we painted the walls in a light grey hue. The windows were treated with a large metal rod that extended the width of the wall and dressed with soft cream sheers to allow the natural sunlight to shine through. A large grey sectional was added for seating along with a funky style accent chair. The chair was done in a bright orange fabric to allow for pops of colour on the neutral colour palate. We added a sleek graphic grey and cream area rug to anchor the furniture. A large stone top table and iron and glass end tables finished the look. Beautiful abstract art was added to the back wall for lots of colours while accessory pieces extended the pops of colour throughout the room.